Good wordsmithing takes more than skill in the craft of writing.

I know that careful planning is essential to success. Without the structure of a communications plan, words are like the legs of a chair: they have a purpose, and maybe look nice, but will hold nothing up until there is a clear understanding of how they will usefully and supportively fit together.

No matter the size of the project, I include checkpoints at every stage to confirm that my expertise lines up perfectly with your needs. It is a proven, systematic approach, so effective that The Ultimate Publishing House  http://www.ultimatepublishinghouse.com commissioned my method for its ghostwriters to follow (see my page, Cheers from Contented Clients, to learn in their words why they approve of my skill).

It’s true that almost anyone can string words together. But leveraging writing to suit your needs—to persuade, to attract, or to inspire—takes dedicated effort and skill. I am adept at communications of every kind—from articles to press releases, speeches to product promotions, websites to blogs–and of course, communications plans. Below are samples of my skill.

Special note to political candidates:

You’re the best person for the job, and you know it. You have a passion for your community and a deep desire to win the upcoming municipal election.

Let me help you create a winning campaign. Together, we will define your concepts, develop your platform and profile your expertise. Contact me for pricing.

Real Estate and Construction

Much of my career has centered around the Real Estate Industry, one of my true passions. The practical art of creating shelter is endlessly fascinating to me. Below are some samples.

Construction article about options for improving a home’s curb appeal:

Feature on the City of Pickering for National Post.


Bylaw Guide for Markham Homeowners  In this major project, I consulted with various departmental managers to develop interpretations of the complicated ‘legalese’ in which the relevant bylaws were originally written. The goal, to create an online guide that a layperson could understand, included explaining the project to the managers, obtaining the necessary information, and reviewing the final text with them. The first draft resulted in a satisfyingly low rate of revisions (about 10% of the copy) that were requested by the managers.


Feature on Cavan-Millbrook, Ontario, area. For Toronto Sun.

Fiddler’s Glen development, Shelburne, Ontario. Feature for Toronto Sun.

The Mortgage Center promotional article.

Simcoe County Housing Report for Homes North.

Your Personal Ghost


Ghostwriting is a complex dance where the desires of my client, who claims the words, are paired with my talent. Careful planning means both dancers understand what steps will ensure maximum success—without either stepping on the other’s foot—and how the dance should look to the target audience.

I have ghostwritten books, websites, blogs, reports, promos, press releases, bios, corporate profiles, articles and just about everything in between. Below are samples of my recent behind-the-scenes success.






Financial services promotion.

Builder profile.

Realtor Profile.


For information about my book projects, please see the page “Cheers from Contented Clients.”


Promotional Writing

2015-09-02 Up for Debate Durham press release

Girls Incorporated of Durham promo Beacon Street backgrounder