Describing your success is what I do best.

As an editor, copy writer, marketing strategist and book developer, words are my profession. They’re also my life’s passion. Ever since I wrote my first song at the age of six.

What really fires me up is strategically leveraging compelling words. Using them to meet practical goals. That’s the essence of business and marketing writing, and I’ve been a career Wordsmith for over three decades.

I took that English Lit degree from York U and got busy as a journalist. Then I discovered the fun of public relations, marketing, and training. I’m an Amazon bestselling author. I’ve ghostwritten books, websites, blogs, speeches—you name it‒and mentored many professionals to skillfully manage their message.

Along the way, I developed my own planning tools. My clients love them. Because good planning leads to brilliant communications.

Master your words to manage your message. I’ll show you how!