Cheers from Contented Clients

In Their Own Words

“Thank you for all the work you have done for the New Homes section. As I mentioned to you a number of times, your work was always popular with the advertisers (and, in turn, made us look good) and your punctuality made things easy on my end. It was also a benefit to be able to count on somebody who has been in my shoes (the editor shoes that is). Your willingness to take on projects/assignments (even last minute) was second-to-none. I wish you nothing but success in your new role and thank you again for all the work you’ve done for The Sun. You definitely helped make my time here much easier.” 
Nick Candiotto, outgoing editor, as he left the Toronto Sun New Homes and Condominiums section.

 “I want to work with you! I need good writers I can really count on.”
John Chick, new editor, Special Sections, Toronto Sun.

“The articles you’ve written about us have done great things for us. Better than our ads in the
Toronto Sun!”
Phil Calvano, Riverstone Golf and Country Club, Brampton



“We like the relationship you’ve had with the clients and the product you’re creating. There have been a lot of good suggestions that you’ve made.”
Brian LeMire, associate of The Ultimate Pubishing Houseconcerning my ghostwriting for his clients.

“I know the writing/editing will be great.”
Marjorie Rebane, Manager, Corporate Communications for the City of Markham, ON, with whom I worked to develop their Bylaw Guide for Markham Homeowners ( In this major communications project, I consulted with various departmental managers to develop interpretations of the complicated ‘legalese’ in which the relevant bylaws were originally written. The goal, to create an online guide that a layperson could understand, included explaining the project to the managers, obtaining the necessary information, and reviewing the final text with them. The first draft resulted in a satisfyingly low rate of revisions (about 10% of the copy) requested by the managers.


“Devorah is an excellent resource to my company! Her ability to breathe life into any topic is a wonderful talent!”
Nancy Heather, Owner, Health Connections, Markham, ON. (I helped Nancy to develop, ghostwrite and place an article into Healthy Living magazine, Markham, ON, to promote her health coaching/nutritional support business.)

“It’s very comforting to be working with professionals that can pull things together when necessary. Thank you so much for all of your great articles. I appreciate your last minute digging and persistence with our ‘not always great in getting back to you’ clients. I know some of them were a handful and you were great with each of them.”
Kim Harrison, Classified Sales Manager (Simcoe County), Metroland North Media group, Barrie, ON (I planned and wrote a monthly financial column, local features, and development/developer/real estate agent profiles for Homes North magazine.


“The developer was sent a Homes Simcoe Magazine copy, with the Ad and Editorial. He was absolutely thrilled at your writing!!! He has bragged about this article to everyone in the company saying what a good job it was.”
Denise Nielsen, Aqua Beach Residences, Wasaga Beach, ON, which I profiled for Homes North magazine.



“You’re one of my favorite ghostwriters. You have an organized way of working and that suits my style very well.” 
Felicia Pizzonia, partner, The Ultimate Publishing House, for which I had ghostwritten two books, one book manuscript, and a planning guide for their ghostwriters to follow.

Praise from Ghostwriting Clients

“Just like in coaching, when you work with an editor or, as I like to call her, my ‘writing coach,’ you need to work with someone who suits your style. A good writing coach will ensure that your essence and voice as a writer is not lost, but is kept sacred. Devorah is just such a coach.

I enjoyed working with Devorah when editing the final cut of my chapter and Bio for the Power of Women United. I was not happy with the flow of the chapter; I just knew it could be better than it was. Devorah stepped in and coached me to cut, sharpen up and end up with the right flow, and finally I was happy with the end result. Devorah is a direct, no nonsense, tell you what you need to know writing coach. Devorah works with kindness, patience and encouragement.

She is a skilled wordsmith, whom I highly recommend – if you need help with blogs, bios or articles or that book you have inside you – Devorah can help you get it out and onto keyboard or paper.”

–Irene Anderson, Discovery Works Coaching


 “Thank you for keeping us on track and for doing a great job with our book. We really appreciate it! And most of the edits were just minor as we really like what you’ve done with all of the material. We like what you’ve added. It’s actually really good. It’s been great working with you. You’ve always had a lot of questions for us and a lot of times it helped steer us in the right direction. The planning document you sent and all the planning you’ve done was very useful for us. It helped keep us on the right track.”
Leslie Quinsay, author, R3: Real People with Real Strategies for Real Estate Investing, which I ghostwrote for her through The Ultimate Publishing House

“We are very impressed with you as a ghost writer. We’ve never seen anyone as good. We’re quite pleased with the difference (between you and other writers). Even the conference calls: what we’ve discussed has only made our book stronger. We’re pleased with what you’ve provided. Your input has been great on a lot of stuff. And I don’t make compliments often.”
Rick McKinnon, author, R3: Real People with Real Strategies for Real Estate Investing, which I ghostwrote for him through The Ultimate Publishing House.

“We like the relationship you’ve had with the clients and the product you’re creating. There have been a lot of good suggestions that you’ve made.”
Brian LeMire, The Ultimate Branding Agency and The Ultimate Enterprises Group, concerning my ghostwriting for his clients.


“You gave me clarity and that’s what I needed. You’ve done a marvelous job, Devorah. It was ‘wow!’ I gotta tell you. I wanted to read more to find out more about that guy [himself].”Dr. Roger Garcia, author, Aged to Perfection, which I ghostwrote for him through The Ultimate Publishing House.





Alan Fisher’s book “God Sex and Rock’n Roll is a joy to read. The writing flowed well and once I started reading I couldn’ put it down. The text is concise, of excellent quality and polished. “God Sex and Rock’n Roll” is clearly well edited while still keeping the intergity of Alan’s story.

Jeannine Reynolds, Reviewer