Creating, Branding and Publicizing Events

Logo Development

Below are examples of how I achieve great looking logos that everyone loves.


I developed the Women and HIV/AIDS program for the AIDS Committee of Durham Region. This logo was created to brand the program and reflect the community that is needed to address the issue.

In Her Skin is a yearly conference that I developed and branded. This logo has the feeling of women moving through life and supports the conference theme about understanding what it is like to be a woman living with HIV.

The WHAI logo was developed by a provincial collaborative committee, of which I was chair. The first designer fumbled badly; I steered the committee through the difficult process of identifying the problem, making the decision to replace them, and hiring a new designer within a very tight time frame. This logo was the final choice. It was approved not only by the committee but also by some of the Initiative workers, and was finalized in time to meet the deadline.

Publicity and Event Management

Below are examples of my most recent events. Please note I apply the same careful planning to events as I do everything else. That way there’s no surprises, everything’s ready and available for you at the appointed hour, and I will work behind the scenes to actively troubleshoot so it all seems quite effortless. Anxious presenter? No problem; I have a knack for calming folks down. Unidentified food allergy? I’ll go out and buy them a meal. Whatever it takes to make you look great! I have audio and visual presentation skills, I write awesome press releases, and I know plenty of great ways to inspire your guests.

Promoting an alliance among women’s groups for Durham debate

During the Federal election of 2015, I became aware that three separate women’s groups were planning candidate debates about women’s issues. I introduced them to each other and persuaded them to hold a single, powerful debate, attracting and unprecedented 13 candidates and resulting in a record-setting, sold-out crowd. I also managed the publicity for the debate. The alliance, now firmly established, resulted in a second, joint debate for the provincial election of 2018.









Walk the Talk Conference

The Business and Professional Women’s Club of Durham asked me to help plan a conference to celebrate their 30th anniversary. I helped brand the event and wrote the publicity materials. The resulting event attracted community service providers, political change makers and women from the general public.

Walk the TALK Conference